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What is U.G.L.Y.?

Over the past 7 years thousands of bartenders have nominated themselves, and their venues, to participate in the Leukaemia Foundation’s U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year competition.

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In 2016 our U.G.L.Y. Bartenders are aiming
to raise $1.8 million, or 22,500 nights


Raised so far in 2016

U.G.L.Y. Campaign - Queensland: 1 August to 12 September 2016
U.G.L.Y. Campaign Dates: 1 October to 14 November 2016

Check out all these U.G.L.Y. folks!

Being U.G.L.Y is a beautiful thing! Bartenders from all around Australia showing they have big hearts.

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The prizes are BEAUTIFUL!

To recognise the big hearts and generosity of our U.G.L.Y. Bartenders and their supporting venues we have gorgeous prizes including a fabulous holiday for the top fundraiser in each state, and outstanding prizes from Hoshizaki Lancer for their venue.

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