About U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year

What does U.G.L.Y. stand for?

The U.G.L.Y. Acronym is short for:

Understanding Generous Likeable You

What is U.G.L.Y. raising money for?

The funds raised by U.G.L.Y. Bartenders support the Leukaemia Foundation’s home-away-from-home service and enable us to assist people who must relocate to the city to receive vital blood cancer treatment.

Every $80 raised by an U.G.L.Y. Bartender provides one night’s accommodation in the Leukaemia Foundation’s accommodation centres close to treatment facilities for people with blood cancer.

Who can sign up?

U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year is a competition designed for the Australian Hospitality Industry. Anyone who works in a hotel, pub, bar or club and is over 18 years can enter. There may only be one bartender registered per venue. Bartenders will need the support from their venue manager to take part. Registrants may only enter once per year, at one nominated venue.
Register to be U.G.L.Y in 2020 here.

When does U.G.L.Y. start?

The award qualification period was 1 August 2019 – 23 September 2019.

To be kept up to date on our U.G.L.Y. 2020, register your interest here.

Does it cost to enter U.G.L.Y.?

There is no registration fee for U.G.L.Y., simply register and we’ll set you up with the U.G.L.Y. Kit and help you with your fundraising ideas.

What is the U.G.L.Y. Shop?

We are here to help, and we have set up an U.G.L.Y. shop for registered bartenders.

You can purchase U.G.L.Y. items from the shop and sell them to patrons with the money going towards your fundraising.

Example :
The U.G.L.Y. caps are sold in lots of 10 for $65 (including delivery) = $6.50 each.
The idea is that you sell them for $15-$20 each and are then able to contribute the $85-$135 to your fundraising.

What are the U.G.L.Y. incentives?

Earn awesome stuff to help you raise even more! Fundraise and bank those dollars early to unlock incentives along the way.

As you reach these fundraising milestones, you'll earn rewards and vouchers to use in the U.G.L.Y. shop to boost your fundraising.

Early bird gets the worm!

Be one of the first 100 bartenders to sign up to U.G.L.Y 2019 and you will receive the U.G.L.Y. kit PLUS U.G.L.Y. flag bunting to hang in your venue.

Show me the money!

Bank any amount into your account between 1-15 August 2019 and go in the draw to win a $500 Prezzee gift card to spend any way you want!

...more bang for your buck, in addition to going in the draw to win the gift card:

If you bank a weeks ($560) accommodation between 1-15 August 2019 you’ll receive a pub venue sticker + a power pack thanks to our pals at Hoshizaki Lancer.

If you bank two weeks ($1120) accommodation between 1-15 August 2019 you’ll receive a party pack of balloons + wristbands + venue sticker AND a power pack thanks to our pals at Hoshizaki Lancer.

Raise the bar with our online shop incentives!

Get a $5 discount voucher when you raise $80 (one nights accommodation)

Get a $10 discount voucher when you raise $240 (three nights accommodation)

Get a $30 discount voucher when you raise $560 (one weeks accommodation)

What are the U.G.L.Y. awards?

We want to acknowledge and recognize the incredible efforts of our seriously U.G.L.Y. bartenders. We have partnered with Preezee Digital Gift Cards which means you get to choose the award you want! Free groceries, you got it! Shopping spree, yes please! Weekend away, you know it! With over 80 leading shops and experiences to choose from, you won’t be disappointed and you can award your hard work the way you want to.

Top five national fundraisers
The top five fundraiser nationally will receive a gift card valued at $3,500 awarded to the bartender.

Bartenders raising $10,000+

If you raise over $10,000 the bartender will receive a gift card valued at $1,000

Bartenders raising $5,600+

If you raise over $5,600 the bartender will receive a gift card valued at $500

Bartenders raising $2,240+

If you raise over $2,240 the bartender will receive a gift card valued at $200

The awards will be presented at the end of the campaign.
Awards are not accumulative, bartender will receive the incentive or award of greater value of which they are entitled to.

To find out more about prezzee check out their website. <https://www.prezzee.com.au/>


What kind of activities can I do to fundraise?

Trivia nights, bingo, movie nights, meat raffles, pool competitions are all just some of the ways you can raise money. You can keep it simple with a ‘lemon in a jar’ or get as creative as you like.

The important thing is to make sure your venue has signed off on your activities and they are compliant with the Leukaemia Foundation’s community standards and values and adhere to all venue and liquor licensing laws and regulations.

We don’t recommend door knocking for donations.

Our U.G.L.Y. crew can help you with any questions and can even help you brainstorm ideas, give us a call on 1800 500 088

Can I split the money I raise between you and another charity or good cause?

While there are thousands of worthy causes, if you sign up to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation you are legally required to direct all the money to the Leukaemia Foundation. By law all donors need to be clear which cause they are supporting and must be issued with a receipt from that charity (if it's $2 or more). You are not allowed to direct your donor's money to another charity however worthy or urgent that cause might be. Your fundraising will enable the Leukaemia Foundation to continue investing in vital blood cancer research and free services to support thousands of Australian families every year.

How do I get sponsors?

When you sign up, create your own profile page so that you can upload photos, list your goal and tell people about you and why you’re U.G.L.Y. for the Leukaemia Foundation. Send emails asking for sponsorship – sign in and click “Get sponsors". The email contains a link to your page, so people can sponsor you with the credit card – they get an email receipt straight away – easy!

Start asking for sponsorship as early as possible by asking everyone you know to sponsor you: friends, club members, colleagues, clients, customers and suppliers.

Remember that by asking someone to sponsor you, you are actually giving them an opportunity to support an extremely worthwhile cause.

Making a donation & paying in money

What does privacy request mean?

If a sponsor wants to remain anonymous, they can. We’ll display ‘Privacy requested’ on your page instead.

Can my donation be anonymous?

You can request for your name and/or your donation amount to be hidden on a participant's fundraising page. If you do, your name and/or amount will appear as "Privacy Requested". As you make your donation you’ll be asked if you’re happy to display your name and the amount on the participant’s page - tick the boxes as desired.

However, we cannot make your donation anonymous from the bartender themselves. They will be able to see the name and amount you give from their secure fundraising dashboard.

How do I pay in the money?

There are lots of easy ways to bank your U.G.L.Y. Fundraising:

At the bank
Collect all the cash and cheques and take them to any branch of nab, along with your U.G.L.Y. Handbook which contains our banking details and your UNIQUE reference number (so we know the funds are yours)

Pay in on the plastic!
Log in to your fundraising area and choose the “Pay-in Funds” option. You can list family and friends names on your donor board and pay in the funds using a credit card or PayPal. If you need to, you can also issue receipts to your supporters.

Lots of bartenders bank in to their venue account and have their banking EFT’d through by the venue manager or accountant. Again, the details are in your U.G.L.Y. Handbook which contains our banking details and your UNIQUE reference number (so we know the funds are yours).

If you would like to pay in funds via BPAY, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with our biller code and your unique BPAY reference code.

If you need any assistance banking give us a call 1800 500 088

I’m an U.G.L.Y. bartender, can I order a receipt book?

Need to order a receipt book? You can call us on 1800 500 088 or contact us. Only our bartenders can order these.
If your sponsors make a donation online directly to your fundraising page they will automatically receive a receipt to their email address.

If people give me cash, how do I give people receipts?

If you have used BPAY, or banked cash at the bank, you can submit this receipt request form. We will need to verify that we’ve received the funds, then we’ll send you the receipts accordingly.

Why doesn’t the money I’ve banked show on my Personal Profile Page?

We need a couple of days for the money to get from your bank to our bank account, then we upload the information to your page. If it’s not showing after 3 days, contact us and we’ll check it out.
It's a great idea to take a photo of your deposit slip whenever you bank your fundraising for your records!
If you still need assistance contact us and our U.G.L.Y. crew can help you out 1800 500 088

I am having issues with my fundraising page can you help?

Yes, absolutely! Our U.G.L.Y. crew are here to help. Give us a call on 1800 500 088

Policies and legal stuff

Do I have to follow any rules?

You need to follow the terms and conditions and waiver which are available here and make sure your activities follow the Leukaemia Foundation's Fundraising Guidelines. You also need to ensure your fundraising activities are approved by your venue manager and adhere to all relevant liquor licensing and state fundraising laws and regulations.
If you have any questions please give our U.G.L.Y. crew a call 1800 500 088

Is there an age limit?

You must be over 18 years of age to register for U.G.L.Y. Bartender.

What are the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions and waiver are available here.

If you have any questions please give our U.G.L.Y. crew a call 1800 500 088

Do I need public liability?

Your venue is responsible to providing adequate public liability for your events and activities.