Fundraising Tips

Take a look through these brilliant tried and tested tips for raising money

Easy ways to raise $560 and give a week:

  • Ask yourself: start by making your own donation of $15
  • Every day ask 2 customers a day to pop $2 in your collecting tin: in a month that’s $120
  • Sell 25 U.G.L.Y. Tattoos for $2: that’s $50
  • Get 50 people to play “balance a gold coin on the lemon”: that’s another $50
  • Set up a swear jar: 50 curses at $1 is $50
  • Change Sell 25 wristbands for $5: that's $125
  • Donate your tips: 50 tips at $1 is $50
  • Make 50 cupcakes or cocktails where $2 goes to U.G.L.Y.: there's another $100.

Recruit U.G.L.Y. Helpers

Fellow bartenders will want to get in on the action – the more the merrier.
Here are some quick ways you can make them U.G.L.Y. too:

Set up challenges for your co-workers like swear jars, donating tips or
performing their favourite party trick all in return for donations!

Visit the U.G.L.Y. Shop, exclusively for registered bartenders, to order extra U.G.L.Y. tees or singlets.

Set up sporting comps, a swear jar, sell raffle tickets, wax legs,
donate tips, sing, dance or perform for your co-workers to demonstrate
their favourite party trick all in return for donations!

Hold an U.G.L.Y. event

Get the most fun out of U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year by planning events that are not only great for fundraising, but also GREAT for your venue.

Your patrons will love them if they are fun and fabulous; they’ll stay longer, talk about their great experience and spend more money!

Tried and tested drawcards over the years include:

  • Beer Garden Movie Night
  • Midnight Sausage Sizzle
  • Cocktail Master Class
  • U.G.L.Y. Drink of the Week and local tastings
  • Fun Run
  • Talent Quest: U.G.L.Y. Idol
  • U.G.L.Y. Survivor or U.G.L.Y. Bachelor
  • Date specific events like Father's Day, Halloween and Melbourne Cup.

How to show us you’re U.G.L.Y.

Need ideas on how to be U.G.L.Y.? Download our planning tips, posters, and
email banners.